The World’s first pressure test cart that offers you a wide variety of variants related to the hydrostatic industry

Pressure Test Cart and Test Bench | Houston

 Custom build your own hydrostatic pressure test cart or test bench on our Hydrorex standard TC Frame cart style,  based on yours specific test requirements or simply let us know your requirements according to your applications.

Dual Pressure Test Cart Gas Booster and Liquid Pressure Pump – 2 independent pressure systems gas and liquid pumps integrated in a single frame.

Hydrogen Pressure Test Pump
Hydrogen Pressure Pump
Hydrogen H2 Pressure Pump

Pressure Test Cart has been designed for pressure testing with Digital pressure and temperature chart recoder with wide ranges of pressures and flows up to 65,000 Psi

bop pressure test pump
digital pressure chart recorder
digital pressure chart recorder

WATER – HYDRAULIC & NITROGEN  pressure tester with 3 independent digitized sections ideal for pressure testing piston, gate valves and many applications.

hydrostatic pressure test bench
digital pressure test bench

DUAL HIGH & LOW: High presure low flow & High flow low pressure  with several flow and pressures ranges from 500 psi up to 60,000 psi. Several pressure monitoring options, digital PC, mechanical recorder or digital gauges.

dual hydrostatic pressure test unit
dual hydrostatic test pump
high and low dual pressure test pump unit

COMBO TEST CART: Designed to test Gate valves 5 Hydro systems panels (Water, Hydraulic open/close, Nitrogen, Low Air/Gas Test and PR2 Gas Test) 

   with ESI Software USB port to hook-up your computer to pressure chart recorder all the test data.

Hydro Pressure Test System Cart Unit
hydrostatic pressure test bench system unit

Test Cart:  With 22 Gallons SS liquid tank and pressure chart recorder 30,000 Psi

Hydro test cart unit
hydrostatic pressure test cart

WITH 3 INDEPENDENT OUTPUT PRESSURE with digtial pressure/temperature chart recorder test cart.

Pressure Test Cart with Digital Pressure Chart Recorder
Hydrostatic Digital Pressure Chart Recorder
High Pressure Test Cart with Digital Chart recorder

Dual High & Low: High pressure test system 25K with low pressure high flow electric motor pump 3K for quick fill-up or low pressure test.

Pressure test bench system
pressure motor test pump unit
hydrostatic pressure testing bench equipment

Digital & Mechanical Data Logging per customer request, test bay pressure testing cart 0-30000 Psi

hydro pressure data logging
pressure test bench with data logging
digital pressure data logging system

Standard Test Cart According to the API: High pressure pump with pressure chart recorder avilable up to 30,000 psi 

hydrostatic test cart with pressure chart recorder
pressure test cart with pressure chart recorder
pressure test bench with pressure chart recorder

Customer Custom Test Unit: With ESI Software digital pressure and temperature recorder with keyboard, it’s a dual hydrostatic system for gas booster (nitrogen) and liquids (hydraulic or water).  

digital pressure test cart
digital hydrostatic test cart
digital hydrostatic test bench

USB Hydrostatic Test Cart: With ESI Software USB port to connect your computer to testing and data logging.

USB Pressure Transducer Hydrostatic Test System
USB pressure transducer pressure test pump equipment
USB Pressure Transducer hydrostatic test unit

Hydro Pressure Test Carts: Some of many customers riquirements requested

hydrostatic test cart
Hydraulic power unit cart
hydro pressure test cart

Customized Test Carts of Satisfied Customers

high pressure control panel fabrication
hydrostatic dual pump unit
Tubing Panel Fabrication
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